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Vital Signs WINTER 2015 | VOLUME 65 Helping U Help Your Community In This Issue 2 What’s New at UCLA 3 In Your Community UCLA offers the services of its world-class physicians near you. 4 Female Athlete Triad This condition, which is most common in physically active girls and women, requires early detection and treatment to prevent serious complications. 6 Groundbreaking MRI-Guided Radiotherapy ViewRay technology enables physicians to see and target cancerous tumors while making immediate adjustments to treatment delivery. 7 Revised Cholesterol Guidelines Changes aim to shift treatment criteria from narrow focus on cholesterol levels only to broader focus on long-term risk. Changing Landscape 8 Q&A: Melanoma Treatment in FDA-approved drug first in new class of cancer therapies known as programmed cell death inhibitors. 10 ADHD Treatments Safe and Effective Experts say ignoring ADHD symptoms or not opting for medication when it is called for can be detrimental. 11 Mitigating Risk of Hospital-Acquired Infections Improved protocols and education are essential to a holistic, multifaceted approach to infection prevention. 12 Community Calendar Health and wellness for the community. UCLAHEALTH.ORG 1-800-UCLA-MD1 (1-800-825-2631) The public will have the chance to vote beginning January 12 in the “Helping U Help Your Community” contest to select five projects that aim to transform health in the Los Angeles region. Each winning project will receive $20,000 in start-up funding to support its efforts. This online competition to fund community-partnered, academic research or service-learning projects is promoted by UCLA Health and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA to address the most critical health needs of Los Angeles residents in innovative and effective ways. The contest also aims to showcase UCLA faculty and community partners who devote their careers to identifying creative solutions to some of the most challenging barriers to good health. VOTE NOW To learn more about the projects and to cast your vote, go to: changemakers.org/ucla Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease Offered at UCLA UCLA is the only center in Southern California to offer a program that aims to reduce, or reverse, atherosclerosis — blocked arteries that supply blood and oxygen to the heart — and in so doing cut down on the incidence of heart disease. While traditional cardiac- rehabilitation programs primarily address lifestyle education and exercise to help patients get back on track after a heart event, the Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease also focuses on the experience of nutrition, stress management and social support to create a broadly integrated and more intensive approach. The program meets twice a week for nine weeks and is covered by most insurance. For information about the Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease, go to: rehab.ucla.edu/deanornishprogram UCLA Health and Covered California UCLA Health is participating in the Covered California health-insurance-exchange marketplace. To find out about how to select a plan that includes a UCLA doctor, go to: uclahealth.org/coveredca or call 1-800-UCLA-MD1 (1-800-825-2631).