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UCLA Adult and Pediatric ENT Clinics in Santa Monica Four UCLA ear, nose and throat physicians are seeing patients in Santa Monica clinics three-to-four days a week. These physicians see patients with general and specialized ENT problems, including neck and thyroid masses, voice and swallowing complaints, and nasal and sinus conditions. “We are excited to be able to provide greater convenience for patients in the Santa Monica area,” says head-and-neck surgeon Paul Kedeshian, M.D. “Having better access increases the likelihood that patients will address nagging problems that can affect their quality of life, as well as problems that might be more serious and need to be detected and treated in a more timely fashion.” Adult Head and Neck Consultation Suite: 1223 16th St., Suite 3100 Pediatric Head and Neck Consultation Suite: 1245 16th St., Suite 303 For more information, go to: Vital Signs Winter 2013 Vol. 57 5