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Vital Signs SUMMER 2014 | VOLUME 63 F E AT U R E S T O R I E S Sun Protection Page 4 Helping Seniors Stay Healthy Page 6 Q&A: Coordinating Care to Benefit Patients Page 8 Community Calendar Page 12 Using 4D CT Imaging, Surgeons Locate Abnormal Parathyroid Glands Before Operating Most people have four tiny parathyroid glands (PTs) in the neck that produce the hormone responsible for regulating the balance of calcium and phosphorous in the blood. If one or more PT glands becomes enlarged or overactive (hyperparathyroidism), it may be necessary to surgically remove the gland. UCLA is now one of the few centers in the country where experts are using 4D computed tomography (CT) to pinpoint the exact location of hard-to-find abnormal PT glands, enabling surgeons to perform more efficient procedures with excellent outcomes. Continued on page 7